Listed below are the stories entered in the 2011 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2011 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Halloween Favor

by Quince

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Moon Blood and Salt Flowers

by talismania

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Red, White, and Blue Halloween

by Tara_Neale

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2011 Halloween Submissions
Hostel Ghostsoggbashan
The LamiaMissClearmont
The Waxing MoonFlying_low
Halloween and BatmanDG Hear
Fright Night. What Scares You?SuperHeroRalph
The Blood Orange MoonRehnquist
Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & ReleaseLunaEroticaMystica
My Sister Eva Started It Alldezurtdawg
Bride of the Mummyrampant404
An Intergalactic HalloweenEt2bruttus
Gloria's Gobblin' GoblinBoxlicker101
The BenandantiThistlethorn
October SkyForTheWife1
Under The Full MoonPelaam
Full Moons, Halloween, and WitchesSuperHeroRalph
A Daughter of SamhainJames Cody
Mother-in-law Peeping for HalloweenSuperHeroRalph
Beat the Devilsr71plt
In This Midnight HourOzytron
Jen's Little Brotherscouries
The BIG Bad WolfTlovesB4ever
Spruce Street Peekaboosr71plt
Chink in the Armorsr71plt
Big-Store, All She Wanted Was CandySuperHeroRalph
Guard Dutymanyeyedhydra
Marian the Librarianejls
Laura Bush, Michelle Obama & CheneySuperHeroRalph
Momma's PussyIgnoble
A Message of LoveTrentEvans
Night of All Nightssr71plt
A Halloween To Rememberclive2007
Learning to Love Hallowe'enThe_Kinkster
Hole in the Wall GangScaramouche123
The Witch's ApprenticeKrumpus
The Spinnerbrainfade
Paul's Lucky Night?trobson808
Halloween Airlinesmwsd858
The Dark Windowthe_lost_one
Moon Blood and Salt Flowerstalismania
Night of the WormCorpse_rider
Swingers' Party: Teacher Trainsilkstockingslover
What the FUCKmikothebaby
The Ghost with a Deadly Bite!double_entendre
Cold Stone Tombsr71plt
October River Walkjonmartin22
Halloween SwingDG Hear
The Most Frightening Thing Is....SuperHeroRalph
Master Drake's MouthPSYCHESUMMER
Witchful Thinkingdurablue
A Reeeally FILFY Storyalexxxis
Halloween Talefictitious
Sea Dog Cemeterypinata
Halloween Switchaimili_sage
Red, White, and Blue HalloweenTara_Neale
Raising the DeadNeonurotic
Trick and Treatmisstite
Barren HarvestDarkniciad
A Halloween to Remembersherylwaters
Kiss Me Deadlynomoretears00
Space Girl at Halloween Partyclawfngr
Naga Massage Reviewmanyeyedhydra
Pauletta's Halloween PageantBoxlicker101
Tricky TreatsFoeofthelance
Mary Irene McDonaldsonPTBzzzz
Vampiric Boobiesmanyeyedhydra
3 for Poesr71plt
Trick or Treating a Witchnvioxos
The Halloween Teasekinpatsu
A Treat Turns Tricksvoluptuary_manque
A Halloween Evening at Del RayKaishaku
Mom and the Halloween PartyAhabscribe
Some Sexual Side Effects May OccurJinkiesFarie
Halloween FavorQuince
Halloween, Aka: Tour De Forcethechangedone
The Winning Halloween CostumeRickyroma
A Devil of a Partybbonz1
Halloween MasqueradeAwful Arthur
...And Then, I Met Her MotherSuperHeroRalph
Shortcut Homegeronimo_appleby
Eyes of the Catsr71plt
The Millpatientlee
Awakening of Caelravenwings
Morrigan's Cursemadam_noe
Candy for Candypinata
Ghost RompSpicyrose21
The Halloween Prankspankymcf
Mommy Deadestsr71plt
Coblynau - The Miners GoblinSuzyFloosie
Things That Go Hump in the Nightwantsomefun1951
I Love Halloweensagacious21
The Notesr71plt
Motor City TrickDG Hear
Who Woulda Known?sr71plt
The Modern PrometheusLillithArchivist
The Devil Made Me Do Itsr71plt
Halloween Heatlstorywriter
A Ghost's Story for HalloweenThe_Technician
Merit BadgeThe_Technician
My Favorite HalloweenClosetbuster
The Wife of SatanSoCaliComfort
The Rainbow Tree Haunted Housejolinesleepless
The Mountain CabinSWFL_Wordslinger
If Only Jason Got To See The EndingQueenOfTheNile
The Devil's MarkThe_Technician
My Halloween Transformationcentrum1000
Dying to Remembermollyj
The Autumn Gardendr_mabeuse
The Ghost Writerpinata
The Empty ChairsLenNeal
Spicing Up the Brewsr71plt
The Halloween PrankRod_Walker
What Mom Doesn't Know Will Fuck Hersilkstockingslover
Tall, Dark, and . . .sr71plt

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