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mikee_43's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 41 to 50
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Location: Missouri
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Friends
Status: Attached
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Fetishes: Being asked to do something sexual, Sharing fantasies, naked outside, slowly being stripped, being asked by a female to suck a guy, cum, massages that turn sensual, nudist family, wearing lace boyshorts or lace thong
Pets: None
User Number: 1066802
Member Since: February 25, 2009
Last Modified: January 2, 2015
Some words from mikee_43:

South central missouri. Yahoo messenger name is the same as literotica user name.

PLEASE rate my stories:

On the last page of every story is a rating section where you can rate the story. 5 stars is the best rating. I am amazed at how many people read the stories and never rate them. For every 150-180 times a story is read, it is only rated one time. Getting a rating of 4.5 or higher puts the story in a high category. So, please, if you like the story, you can compliment me by giving me a great rating. And feel free to write me too, if you wish.

My writing:

I enjoy writing fantasy stories that I would love to personally experience. They are not really written to attract all readers. They will appeal to people who think like me and like what I like. Other readers who do not appreciate my interests will criticize parts of my stories that they do not personally like. If I was making money off of this, I might write for all types of readers. So, since I am not, I just focus on writing what I personally like.

At this present time I have MANY story ideas in my head. So, I am writing each one as they come to me. ALL of the stories I have written so far could easily consist of a part 2, 3 or 4. I originally wrote them with an openness to more chapters.

I plan on staying focused on the new ideas for a little awhile, then eventually return to doing additional parts of the previous stories. When I do go back to the previous stories I probably will start with another chapter of the boyshorts series.

What I have learned so far

I have quickly learned that everyone really does have different things that turn them on. There are many people who write and tell me that they have my exact same interests, but there are also some that do not. And, there are even a few idiots who are downright hateful (which is not necessary) about what they don't like about the stories. When I see those type of comments, it just tells me about what kind of person they are, and I find myself feeling sorry for anyone who has to live their life anywhere near them.

To show the difference in people's sexual preferences, I thought one of my best stories was "Drawing a nude 20 year old waitress." I thought I created an adorable personality with the waitress, who also had a very sexual side. I was pleased with the story and actually thought the ratings would be around 4.7. They were good, but not even close to as high as I figured ... to each his own. Everyone has different thinking.

About me:

I am a very nice, good natured, guy that happens to also love sex. If you met me you would never know that I love sex so much, and have lots of fantasies. I do not joke about sex, nor say inappropriate things that are sexual in public. You would see me as just a good friend and a good person. The only way you would know that I love sex so much is if you could get the conversation to go toward talking about sex, what I enjoy with sex, what my fantasies are, etc.

Not that it matters, but I am 5'10, 190 lbs, very clean cut, with an average size you know what.


I prefer slow, sensual, make you wonder where this is going, sex. I enjoy being seduced, or getting aroused first. I cannot just meet someone and instantly have sex. Some people like that. I do not. I have to work up to it. Once turned on, I am ready to try all kinds of things.


I fantasize about many different things. Common themes are stretch lace women underwear, especially boyshorts. I like them NOT because I want to look feminine, but rather I like how they feel on my cock. The stretch lace is like a hand on my balls and cock. If a guy has never tried it, he has no idea how good it feels. The key is to get the stretch lacy kind. They feel the best. I also fantasize about a woman asking me to do sexual things for her as she watches me. I fantasize about situational bi stuff. Plus, I fantasize about being seduced, whether that be during a massage, or whatever. These are all common themes in many of my stories.

Past experiences:

I used to have a girlfriend years ago that would try anything. She played with me in the car, got naked in the car as I drove down the road so I could play with her tits and pussy, would fantasize 3 somes when we had sex, even had me suck a dildo for her as if it was a cock during a 3 some, did strip shows for me, bend me over and play with or finger my ass, use dildos on me, give me slow, sensual massages, would rub my cock under the table at a strip joint, did some 3 somes, one 4 some, etc. Very hot relationship. We even read penthouse letters together and then started playing with each other as we read the stories. I would have married her had she not had so many other negative personality issues. The lesson here? Just cuz she is hot sexually, doesn't mean she will make a great marriage partner.

Situational bi:

I might play with a guy if I was seduced or was talking about fantasies with him and got turned on, or was getting a sensual massage by him, or playing cam 2 cam, etc. I would be picky about the guy - preferring shaved guys, in decent shape, not muscular. I just appreciate normal looking guys, who also have a kind, good personality. Otherwise, I do not look at guys for potential sex. Doesn't even enter my mind when I am around them, because I prefer women. But, even though it is not my main thought, I enjoy fantasies that occasionally involve guys. But, you can tell by the stories, how it would have to happen. I am not gay, wouldn't even call myself bi. I have a new term - situationally bi or bi open. (if I'm turned on first)

Art work hobby:

I enjoy doing artwork. I do portraits, lots of nudes (called Figure Drawing or Figure painting), wood carving, watercolor, pencil drawings, oil painting, stained glass, sometimes clay sculpture, etc. Most of my artwork is on my site under

The painting on this page, is one that I did.

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