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Jay2Kay's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 27 to 32
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Location: California
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: None
Pets: Dog(s)
User Number: 1430832
Member Since: September 8, 2012
Last Modified: August 31, 2014
Some words from Jay2Kay:

8/31/14 - Keep an eye out for my newest story, My Wife The Hero in the loving wives category! I think you'll all enjoy it and I left it open for a second chapter. I hope you enjoy!

8/30/14 - Hey there readers! I'm working on a new story in a new genre. I'm going to try my hand at the Loving Wives category as was suggested by a reader recently. See? I do listen! ;) Anyway, I'm working on the first installment and am curious to see how it turns out! I hope you'll all enjoy it!

8/24/14 - Ch. 23 will be the last chapter of the Jamie series. However, I will be continuing the story with a short series about their honeymoon and it will be in the Loving Wives category if anyone is interested in finishing the story. Thanks for joining us in the journey! I hope to see you all in the comments section of their honeymoon. The series will simply be titled The Honeymoon, btw.

8/19/14 - Jamie Ch. 23 was submitted a few days ago but was rejected because there weren't any tags on the story. I'm not sure when they decided it was mandatory, but a notice would have been nice. Anyway, I apologize for the delay; it's pending once again, so, hopefully it'll go through soon. If it's not approved in a few days, I'm going to just submit it as Ch. 23 2.0, haha.

7/7/14 - Jamie Ch. 21 has been submitted! I hope you enjoy this installment. I have many more ideas for the story, I think this will be one of the longest stories I've written. Anyway, have fun!

6/30/14 - To anybody who actually reads this, please note that I'm not trying to pursue smut writing for a career. It's a writing exercise to me, and something fun to get off to and get others off on. It's not going to be perfect, and I don't care for it to be. I edit as I write as best as I can. Once I finish a chapter, I submit it and couldn't care less after that. So, just keep all that in mind as you read my submissions. I write for me to help improve my storytelling skills for the genre I truly want to be in.

6/20/14 - For those of you following "But We're Family", the latest chapter has been submitted, so look for it in the next couple of days!

6/18/14 - Almost done with Chapter 20! Please, leave comments or send feedback. I always appreciate input from my readers. The story is taking a little bit of a turn I wasn't expecting, but I think it'll be a good one!

6/12/14 - Just in case anyone was looking for the new chapter of Jamie, it's in a different category again. Sorry about that, but the type of scenario changes, so I felt like it should be categorized differently. Chapter 19 is in Group Sex. Hope you all enjoy! I enjoyed writing it!

6/11/14 - Jamie Chapter 19 has been submitted. I just have to say, this story has gone places I never expected, and I hope it continues to do so! Enjoy!

6/1/14 - Chapter 18 of Jamie is submitted! Let me tell you, it's a hot one! Some build up was needed, but I have to say, it was well worth it. I had to take a few breaks from it to, uh, relieve some pressure, myself. Enjoy! And, as always, please comment!

5/29/14 - Hey everybody! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write up another chapter of "But We're Family", I have three projects I'm working on all at once. So, I work on which ever story I feel inspired to work on. Lately it's been "Jamie" and another one that I don't post to this site. I will do my best to get the next installment of "But We're Family" posted. Please be patient! haha. Thanks for reading!

4/29/14 - Hello, Readers!

First off, to anyone who has been reading along and has enjoyed the story so far, and has given constructive criticism, encouragement and praise, I thank you for your positive input. To those of you who haven't been as kind, this might interest you a little.

I would like to wrap up this series and focus on other writings of mine that I value more than this. It has been a fun project, but I feel I must begin to part ways with it. That said, I would like to know where you all would like to see the story go. What kind of things would you like to see happen with the characters? I plan on ending the story with either their wedding night or even their honeymoon. Also, keep in mind that if your suggestion isn't something that turns me on, I'm not likely to write it. If I can't be turned on, then how will I be able to do the scene justice and return the favor to you guys?

So, please, feel free to flood me with feedback with your suggestions.



4/20/14 - Jamie Chapter 15 has been submitted. Sorry it took me almost a month; I have many stories I'm working on, most of them not erotica. Anyway, sorry this chapter is so short, but I needed to continue the story so I can move on to the next part. I hope you all enjoy anyway!

3/28/14 - Jamie Chapter 14 has been submitted! I am still working on Chapter 3 of But We're Family. It should be done shortly!

3/24/14 - Okay, Jason and Jamie fans! Chapter 13 has been posted, so look for it in a couple days or so! I'll try to keep up on these a little more. I've got other bigger projects I've been working on lately as well that are not for this site. Anyway, enjoy!

3/21/14 - Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Life has been crazy lately. After some encouragement, though, I continued the "But We're Family" story with a new chapter. I'm also working on the next chapter of Jamie. So, keep a look out for that as well!

9/6/13 - So, the new story didn't go over quite as well as I'd hoped. It wasn't my best work, I'll admit, but it IS interesting how many more comments you get when it sucks compared to when it's good, haha. No worries. I'll wrap up Jason and Jamie's story and consider this a good learning experience.

8/29/13 - New storyline submitted! Look for it in the next few days. It's titled "But We're Family" The first chapter is under Erotic Couplings, but will be changing categories with the second chapter. I hope you enjoy this new story as I come up with a way to finish up Jason and Jamie's story!

8/23/13 - I'm working on a new storyline, taking a break from Jason and Jamie's story until I can come up with a good ending to their story. I hope you'll enjoy it all the same, though!

8/21/13 - I'm not sure why it's taking so long for this chapter to be approved, but I did submit it on the 16th. Please be patient as I try to be as well!

8/16/13 - I know any of you who have been keeping up with Jason and Jamie's story have been wanting to see some more sex. Well, you've got it! Look for chapter 12 in the next couple of days!

8/14/13 - Thank you for the great responses and votes on my last chapter. I'm glad you all enjoyed it even though it lacked sex. I'm also glad everybody has seemed to enjoy the building relationship and love between Jason and Jamie, which is ultimately what this story is about; love. I'm working on Ch. 12 right now and should have it submitted in the next few days. So, be looking out for it!

4/3/13 - I'm working on Ch. 08, I promise it'll be out soon! I've had a bit of writer's block lately, but I've broken through and am working creating some good drama! We all love that, right? haha

3/2/13 - Ch. 06 has been submitted! It's a little shorter, but the next chapter should make up for that!

2/18/13 - Ch. 06 is in the works!

2/02/13 - If you've been following my series, Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that Ch. 04 has been submitted and I am currently working on Ch. 05. I hope you'll continue on this journey with Jason and Jamie as they grow closer together. Please, comment or send me some feedback to let me know how I'm doing!

I'm still new to the erotica genres of writing. I'm trying to broaden my writing to see where I excel. I'm working on a series on here that is based on a real person in my life, but the story is fictional. Call it my own personal fantasy, haha. Anyway, I'm currently working on the third chapter. The first has already been approved and the second is pending at the moment. I hope you all enjoy the venture of mine!

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