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2 Broke Girls In Love: 2 Part Series
2 Broke Girls In Love (4.33)Max's mouth gets her in trouble again. Celebrities 05/21/14
2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 02 (4.52)Max wakes up to find someone in her bed.  Hot Celebrities 07/17/14
Anal Invasion: 3 Part Series
Anal Invasion (4.72)Torrie and Stacy make Trish and Lita their bitches.  Hot Celebrities 09/10/08
Anal Invasion Ch. 02 (4.61)Torrie and Stacy punish Trish and reward Lita.  Hot Celebrities 12/18/08
Anal Invasion Ch. 03 (4.30)Trish loses a spanking match to Torrie. Celebrities 01/23/12
Another Castle (4.50)Beckett loves one Castle but can't get enough of another.  Hot Celebrities 05/12/14
Assmacher (4.87)Brooke Tessmacher becomes Brooke Assmacher.  Hot Celebrities 02/11/15
Beautiful Reunion (4.55)The Beautiful People get back together.  Hot Celebrities 09/25/10
Before Chuck (4.43)Carina introduces Sarah to the joy of anal sex.  Celebrities 05/25/13
Beyonce's Book of Bitches: 4 Part Series
Beyonce's Book of Bitches (4.20)Beyonce recalls her first time with a female celebrity. Celebrities 05/28/10
Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 02 (4.19)Beyonce has some fun with the stars of Heroes. Celebrities 11/29/10
Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 03 (4.44)Beyonce has some fun with Scarlett Johansson. Celebrities 06/25/11
Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 04 (4.48)One of Beyonce's bitches has a gift for her. Celebrities 12/30/11
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister: 6 Part Series
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 01 (4.40)Dawn plans to save her sister from a loveless marriage. Celebrities 11/25/09
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 02 (4.45)Dawn massages her sister's body. Celebrities 01/04/10
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 03 (4.40)Dawn punishes her sister. Celebrities 04/21/10
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 04 (4.52)Dawn literally enslaves her big sister's ass.  Hot Celebrities 09/16/10
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 05 (4.69)Dawn has some more fun with her sister's ass.  Hot Celebrities 05/02/11
Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 06 (4.66)Buffy and Dawn are caught by Willow and Tara.  Hot Celebrities 10/23/13
Butt Busting Chick Busters (4.38)Beth and Natalya turn AJ and Kaitlyn into their bitches. Celebrities 02/27/15
Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass: 2 Part Series
Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass (4.50)Candice Michelle makes Mickie James her bitch.  Hot Celebrities 10/31/14
Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass Ch. 02 (4.25)Candice wants more of Mickie's ass. Celebrities 02/26/15
Candy Holes: 4 Part Series
Candy Holes (4.28)Candice has her way with Victoria's ass. Celebrities 05/25/14
Candy Holes Ch. 02 (4.53)Candice has her way with Torrie's ass.  Hot Celebrities 06/17/14
Candy Holes Ch. 03 (4.71)Candice has her way with Trish's ass.  Hot Celebrities 07/24/14
Candy Holes Ch. 04 (4.00)Candice has a surprise for Lita. Celebrities 10/01/14
Caught in a Spider's Web (4.18)Natasha tries to teach Darcy the art of self-rescuing. Celebrities 07/28/14
Community College Experience: 4 Part Series
Community College Experience (4.62)Annie wants an essential college experience.  Hot Celebrities 01/07/14
Community College Experience Ch. 02 (4.19)Annie doesn't feel like she's had the full experience yet. Celebrities 04/24/14
Community College Experience Ch. 03 (4.71)Britta and Annie admit they have feelings for each other.  Hot Celebrities 07/07/14
Community College Experience Ch. 04 (4.67)Britta tells Annie the truth, after she helps her move.  Hot Celebrities 10/06/14
Cordelia's Rebound Girl (4.40)Cordelia needs to get over Xander, and Faith wants to help. Celebrities 09/06/08
Dealin' With Dawnie: 2 Part Series
Dealin' With Dawnie (4.50)Faith tries to scare Dawn off.  Hot Celebrities 02/11/15
Dealin' With Dawnie Ch. 02 (4.44)Faith tries to scare Dawn off. Again.  New Celebrities 03/27/15
Disciplinary Action (4.64)Natasha and Pepper enjoy some role-play.  Hot Celebrities 01/26/14
Donna's Bitch: 10 Part Series
Donna's Bitch (4.49)Donna has had enough; now Jackie's going to pay. Celebrities 08/09/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 02 (4.64)A small mundane object brings the girls together.  Hot Celebrities 08/15/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 03 (4.56)Jackie further submits to Donna.  Hot Celebrities 08/21/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 04 (4.49)Fez sees something he shouldn't have and has a good day. Celebrities 09/09/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 05 (4.49)Donna and Jackie talk about their relationship. Celebrities 11/11/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 06 (4.58)Donna and Jackie have some fun in a sex store.  Hot Celebrities 11/15/07
Donna's Bitch Ch. 07 (4.61)Kelso sees something unexpected.  Hot Celebrities 01/04/08
Donna's Bitch Ch. 08 (4.57)Donna and Jackie seek revenge on Laurie.  Hot Celebrities 03/07/08
Donna's Bitch Ch. 09 (4.38)Donna offers Eric a deal. Celebrities 09/16/10
Donna's Bitch Ch. 10 (4.34)Donna, Jackie and the rest of the gang have an orgy. Celebrities 10/25/10
Elle's Pain Slut (4.74)Claire meets her college roommate.  Hot Celebrities 08/15/11
Enslaving Elliot: 10 Part Series
Enslaving Elliot (4.41)Elliot tries to stand up to Jordan. Celebrities 08/20/08
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 02 (4.47)Elliot tries to stand up to Jordan again. Celebrities 10/20/08
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 03 (4.47)Things continue to go wrong for Elliot. Celebrities 11/25/08
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 04 (4.75)The Janitor finally gets his chance with blonde doctor.  Hot Celebrities 01/22/09
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 05 (4.60)Elliot begs Jordan to enslave her.  Hot Celebrities 05/29/09
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 06 (4.44)Elliot is pimped out to Nurse Espinosa. Celebrities 11/29/09
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 07 (4.66)Elliot becomes Ms Espinosa's maid.  Hot Celebrities 07/28/10
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 08 (4.69)Elliot is forced to choose between Carla and Jordan.  Hot Celebrities 12/28/10
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 09 (4.68)Dr. Cox is prevented from having a restful evening.  Hot Celebrities 09/28/12
Enslaving Elliot Ch. 10 (4.56)Jordan is tired of two of her fuck toys on/off relationship.  Hot Celebrities 06/21/14
Faith vs The Charmed Ones: 3 Part Series
Faith vs The Charmed Ones (4.35)Faith charms her way into Paige's panties. Celebrities 07/29/13
Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 02 (4.54)Faith charms Paige into submission.  Hot Celebrities 06/26/14
Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 03 (3.94)Faith lets Paige have some fun with Buffy. Celebrities 10/07/14
From The Top To The Bottom (4.76)Trish and Mickie are changing clothes and changing roles.  Hot Celebrities 02/07/08
Frustrating: 5 Part Series
Frustrating (4.88)Rebekah has always found Elena so very...  Hot Celebrities 05/20/13
Frustrating Ch. 02 (4.41)Rebekah causes Elena some frustration. Celebrities 11/27/13
Frustrating Ch. 03 (4.55)Elena and Rebekah tracked down Katherine.  Hot Celebrities 03/19/14
Frustrating Ch. 04 (4.56)Rebekah and Elena cause Caroline some frustration.  Hot Celebrities 06/04/14
Frustrating Ch. 05 (4.00)Rebekah and Elena make Caroline theirs.  New Celebrities 03/28/15
Hate Me (4.58)Nikita tries to make Alex hate her.  Hot Celebrities 10/05/13
HLA: 5 Part Series
HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal (4.46)Eric has a surprise for Stephanie. Celebrities 10/08/08
HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02 (4.23)Trish completely breaks Stephanie. Celebrities 03/01/09
HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 03 (4.53)Trish faces Stacy in the first ever HLA match.  Hot Celebrities 08/15/09
HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 04 (4.27)Trish presents a very special contract signing. Celebrities 05/02/10
HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 05 (4.20)Trish has another HLA match, and then another. Celebrities 02/25/11
I Got Your Back (4.27)Rosa does Amy a favour in the name of having her back. Celebrities 02/22/15
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me: 5 Part Series
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me (4.44)Ann has always wanted April to like her. Celebrities 04/15/14
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 02 (4.62)April invites herself into Ann's home.  Hot Celebrities 09/02/14
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 03 (4.69)Ann's ordeal with April continues.  Hot Celebrities 11/14/14
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 04 (4.36)Ann and April have some fun with role-play. Celebrities 12/27/14
I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 05 (4.75)April tells Ann how she really feels. Celebrities 01/28/15
Inner Black Swan: 4 Part Series
Inner Black Swan (4.73)Mila loosens up Natalie and takes away her inhibitions.  Hot Celebrities 05/08/11
Inner Black Swan Ch. 02 (4.52)Mila introduces Natalie to her friends.  Hot Celebrities 02/11/14
Inner Black Swan Ch. 03 (4.63)Mila convinces Hayden she's a top.  Hot Celebrities 06/08/14
Inner Black Swan Ch. 04 (4.78)Kristen makes a deal with Mila.  Hot Celebrities 11/11/14
Irresistibly Cute: 2 Part Series
Irresistibly Cute (4.58)Sara finds Felicity just too cute to resist.  Hot Celebrities 01/04/15
Irresistibly Cute Ch. 02 (4.50)Sara admits to Felicity what she really wants.  Hot Celebrities 03/04/15
Just Curious (4.58)Hanna is out to prove she's not just curious.  Hot Celebrities 02/05/15
Keeping Faith (4.57)Cordelia doesn't want to lose Faith to Buffy.  Hot Celebrities 10/28/08
Leave Me (4.88)Nikita doesn't want Alex leave her. Celebrities 12/10/13
Look How Far We've Come (4.62)AJ congratulates Kaitlyn.  Hot Celebrities 09/21/12
Lorelai's 35 Birthday Wishes (4.44)Lorelai has 35 wishes, and she's in a mood to share. Celebrities 07/30/11
Love Me (4.22)Has Nikita won? Maybe. But, now what? Celebrities 02/15/14
Maria Loves Mickie's Thongs (4.57)Maria is caught sniffing Mickie's thong.  Hot Celebrities 08/22/09
Maria's Rule: 6 Part Series
Maria's Rule (4.45)Maria breaks her own rule on workplace fraternisation. Celebrities 01/29/14
Maria's Rule Ch. 02 (4.55)Maria makes some new rules.  Hot Celebrities 04/03/14
Maria's Rule Ch. 03 (4.33)Natasha visits Maria in her office. Celebrities 05/17/14
Maria's Rule Ch. 04 (4.62)Natasha's plan to motivate Maria backfires.  Hot Celebrities 08/19/14
Maria's Rule Ch. 05 (4.87)Maria is having a unforeseen effect on Natasha.  Hot Celebrities 11/04/14
Maria's Rule Ch. 06 (4.40)Natasha admits she has been compromised. Celebrities 12/21/14
Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass: 4 Part Series
Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass (4.14)Maryse adores Melina's big round bubble butt. Celebrities 09/06/10
Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 02 (4.10)Maryse fucks Fat Ass. Celebrities 01/29/11
Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 03 (4.69)Maryse remembers conquering Mickie's fat ass.  Hot Celebrities 04/27/13
Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 04 (4.75)Maryse remembers conquering Trish's fat ass. Celebrities 12/14/14
Melina's Balcony Fantasy (4.82)Beth fulfils one of Melina's fantasies.  Hot Celebrities 09/12/09
Mickie Gets What's Hers: 14 Part Series
Mickie Gets What's Hers (4.74)The title pretty much sums it up.  Hot Celebrities 08/02/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 02 (4.89)Maria wants an interview but Mickie has other ideas.  Hot Celebrities 09/08/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 03 (4.87)Mickie tells Trish her true intentions.  Hot Celebrities 11/11/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 04 (4.75)Mickie puts Ashley in her place.  Hot Celebrities 11/05/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 05 (4.27)Mickie gets extreme with Lita. Celebrities 11/13/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 06 (4.83)Mickie has some fun with Maria and Maria's boyfriend.  Hot Celebrities 11/15/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 07 (5.00)Mickie puts Melina in her place.  Hot Celebrities 12/19/07
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 08 (4.75)Mickie has fun with Edge and Lita. Celebrities 02/08/08
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 09 (4.48)Mickie has some fun with Melina and Jillian. Celebrities 05/20/08
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 10 (4.55)Mickie puts Candice in her place.  Hot Celebrities 06/19/08
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 11 (4.54)Mickie puts Torrie in her place.  Hot Celebrities 07/29/08
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 12 (4.69)Mickie has some fun with Lillian.  Hot Celebrities 02/19/09
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 13 (4.50)Mickie and her bitches get a taste of Trish.  Hot Celebrities 07/25/13
Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 14 (4.00)Mickie puts Victoria in her place. Celebrities 11/21/14
Mickie's Mine: 4 Part Series
Mickie's Mine (4.44)Trish and Melina fight over Mickie. Celebrities 07/20/09
Mickie's Mine Ch. 02 (4.71)Trish and Melina take turns with Mickie.  Hot Celebrities 09/22/09
Mickie's Mine Ch. 03 (4.80)The contest between Melina and Trish comes to an end.  Hot Celebrities 02/24/12
Mickie's Mine Ch. 04 (4.76)Mickie makes her choice.  Hot Celebrities 12/22/12
Missing My Mistress (4.13)Sarah's life is great but she misses something. Celebrities 10/06/13
No Strings (4.47)Faith and Willow come to an arrangement. Celebrities 02/17/14
Once, Again and Always (4.25)Jessie tries to deal with her feelings for Katie. Celebrities 02/07/08
One Time Thing: 4 Part Series
One Time Thing (4.57)That's what Quinn insists it is.  Hot Celebrities 05/29/13
One Time Thing Ch. 02 (4.46)For once Santana enjoys waking up. Celebrities 10/28/13
One Time Thing Ch. 03 (4.79)Santana comes home to find Quinn waiting for her.  Hot Celebrities 08/08/14
One Time Thing Ch. 04 (4.50)Quinn and Santana deal with their feelings.  Hot Celebrities 10/11/14
Perfect Little Sub (4.70)Natasha gets ass fucked with a strap-on.  Hot Celebrities 06/24/12
Perfect Little Subs (4.88)Darcy pays the price for betting against Jane.  Hot Celebrities 05/15/13
Practice: 4 Part Series
Practice (4.65)Sarah helps Ellie practice for anal sex with her husband.  Hot Celebrities 09/27/11
Practice Ch. 02 (4.82)Ellie goes back to Sarah for more.  Hot Celebrities 10/29/11
Practice Ch. 03 (4.70)Sarah makes great progress with Ellie's training.  Hot Celebrities 01/29/12
Practice Ch. 04 (4.84)Ellie completes her training.  Hot Celebrities 12/27/12
Prepared For Cap (4.62)Natasha makes sure that Agent 13 is ready for Steve.  Hot Celebrities 09/25/14
Pretty Little Slayers (4.58)Willow senses a new Slayer.  Hot Celebrities 07/29/14
Pretty Little Teen Whores: 2 Part Series
Pretty Little Teen Whores (4.38)Aria goes to extreme lengths to pay for college. Celebrities 02/28/15
Pretty Little Teen Whores Ch. 02 (4.40)Caleb helps Hanna take her mind off her worries.  New Celebrities 03/26/15
Rory's 18 Birthday Wishes (4.70)Rory uses 18 wishes to get the one thing she's always wanted.  Hot Celebrities 03/15/11
Saving Savannah: 6 Part Series
Saving Savannah (4.62)Does Savannah need saving? Marti isn't sure. Alice is.  Hot Celebrities 07/19/12
Saving Savannah Ch. 02 (4.67)Marti and Savannah need to talk.  Hot Celebrities 08/17/12
Saving Savannah Ch. 03 (4.56)Marti arranges her first date with Savannah. Celebrities 09/25/12
Saving Savannah Ch. 04 (4.40)Savannah has a choice to make. Celebrities 11/02/12
Saving Savannah Ch. 05 (4.56)Marti and Savannah come out of the closet. Celebrities 11/30/12
Saving Savannah Ch. 06 (4.33)Marty and Savannah celebrate a victory. Celebrities 02/26/14
Selena Doesn't Have Sex: 5 Part Series
Selena Doesn't Have Sex (4.41)But she does suck cock. Celebrities 05/22/11
Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 02 (4.46)But she eats pussy. Celebrities 07/17/11
Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 03 (4.47)Selena talks Miley into taking a strap-on up her butt. Celebrities 05/25/12
Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 04 (4.52)Selena talks Miley into taking a real cock up her butt.  Hot Celebrities 07/28/13
Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 05 (4.58)Ashley and Vanessa join in the fun.  Hot Celebrities 05/29/14
Sif’s Maiden (4.72)Sif turns up on Darcy's doorstep.  Hot Celebrities 05/04/14
Signing Bonus (4.53)Kelly and Beth reward Maria for signing on for WM28.  Hot Celebrities 04/26/12
Sister's Needs (4.29)Beth exchanges a cherry for a cherry. Celebrities 11/28/14
Stephanie Doesn’t Share (4.33)Mickie is about to learn that Stephanie doesn't share. Celebrities 08/07/08
Taylor's Toys: 5 Part Series
Taylor's Toys (4.60)Taylor blackmails Marissa and Summer into being her toys.  Hot Celebrities 10/28/08
Taylor's Toys Ch. 02 (4.67)Taylor plays with one of her new toys.  Hot Celebrities 02/02/09
Taylor's Toys Ch. 03 (4.71)Taylor punishes and plays with Marissa.  Hot Celebrities 04/29/09
Taylor's Toys Ch. 04 (4.63)Taylor completely breaks Summer.  Hot Celebrities 04/29/10
Taylor's Toys Ch. 05 (4.65)Taylor finishes breaking in her toys.  Hot Celebrities 08/28/10
The Bigger They Are: 5 Part Series
The Bigger They Are (4.62)Beth Phoenix gets a taste of her own medicine.  Hot Celebrities 02/07/13
The Bigger They Are Ch. 02 (4.64)Maryse gets a taste of her own medicine.  Hot Celebrities 04/30/13
The Bigger They Are Ch. 03 (4.06)Maryse gets anally gang banged. Celebrities 04/09/14
The Bigger They Are Ch. 04 (4.71)AJ dresses up Beth in sexy lingerie.  Hot Celebrities 08/28/14
The Bigger They Are Ch. 05 (4.86)AJ and Beth double-team Kaitlyn.  Hot Celebrities 01/27/15
The Pecking Order (4.60)The Beautiful People teach Karen Angle a lesson.  Hot Celebrities 10/10/08
The Rules (4.28)Buffy has rules for sleeping with Spike. Celebrities 04/26/08
The Way It Should Have Been (4.71)Trish and Lita finally get together.  Hot Celebrities 12/28/07
This Is My Ass Now (4.34)AJ tries to make Paige's ass hers. Celebrities 01/05/15
Trish's Mine (4.27)Melina gives Trish to Candice as a gift. Celebrities 05/20/14
Trish's Wedding Day (4.42)It's Trish's wedding day, but there's a problem. Celebrities 09/05/08
True Love Waits (4.59)Demi admits her true feelings.  Hot Celebrities 08/20/10
Tutoring Tutor Girl: 6 Part Series
Tutoring Tutor Girl (4.56)Haley stumbles across something surprising.  Hot Celebrities 10/10/10
Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 02 (4.68)Brooke talks Haley into having a little fun.  Hot Celebrities 11/18/10
Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03 (4.54)Haley surrenders to her desires for Brooke and Peyton.  Hot Celebrities 11/20/11
Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 04 (4.42)Haley gets a call to come over to Brooke's place. Celebrities 12/30/11
Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 05 (4.67)Brooke and Peyton double team Haley with strap ons.  Hot Celebrities 07/28/12
Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06 (4.64)Rachel talks Brooke into being her bitch.  Hot Celebrities 08/12/14
Under The Stars: 4 Part Series
Under The Stars (4.57)Jane showing Darcy the stars takes an unexpected turn.  Hot Celebrities 07/26/13
Under The Stars Ch. 02 (4.68)Darcy convinces Jane to do a little more experimentation.  Hot Celebrities 09/29/13
Under The Stars Ch. 03 (4.75)Darcy pushes Jane further.  Hot Celebrities 11/27/13
Under The Stars Ch. 04 (4.71)Darcy and Jane have make up sex.  Hot Celebrities 02/27/14
Vince's Devil's Slaves: 3 Part Series
Vince's Devil's Slaves (4.72)Vince's Devils want to enslave Trish, Ashley and Mickie.  Hot Celebrities 09/29/09
Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02 (4.75)Vince's Devils continue enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie.  Hot Celebrities 10/25/09
Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03 (4.58)Vince's Devils finish enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie.  Hot Celebrities 03/28/10
Want B, Take B, Have B (4.70)Faith finally gets what she wants.  Hot Celebrities 06/12/09
What's It Like? (4.60)Summer has a question for her best friend Marissa.  Hot Celebrities 08/29/08
You're Not What I Thought You Were: 2 Part Series
You're Not What I Thought You Were (4.41)Emma finally earns Paige's respect, and a whole lot more. Celebrities 10/21/14
You're Not What I Thought You Were Ch. 02 (4.56)Paige is a little upset, so she takes it out on Emma. Celebrities 12/29/14
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