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Sex: F
Age: 24
Location: New Zealand
ICQ#: 41871373
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Hello. You have reached my Profile at Literotica-dot-com. I am unable to take your call at the moment, as I am a little tied up. As soon as I am able to untie myself I will return your call at the earliest convenience.
For those of you who have touch type keyboards, please reply with Fetish.
For those of you who have look-at-the-keyboard keyboards, please reply with Erotic Coupling.
For those of you who have speech recognition, please reply with Oral.
For those of you who use a mouse, please reply with Voyeur.
For those of you who are related to me, please reply with Incest.
And for those of you who have hunt-and-peck, please reply once you have pushed the right buttons.

For those of you who do not wish to make a selection at this time, I would be pleased if you visited my website.
- Disclaimer - Do not visit my website if pictures of adults engaging in Oral Sex offends.

Don't wait for the tone.

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