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Sex: M
Age: 28
Location: Virginia, USA
ICQ#: not given

28 year old single white male from Virginia. I enjoy writing as a hobby, and eventhough I've never had any formal training as an author, I love the freedom and never ending possibilities that creating erotic plots and situations can provide. Yes, I do love sex and this hobby is just an extension of that.

I am also a huge sports fan as well as a lover of many kinds of music. I also try to stay up on current events and I believe the most important thing in life is to laugh a little each day!

Angry Chair - Paraplegic and friend seek revenge on shallow ex.
- Faithful husband faces temptation.
Dickin' Down the Designing Women Ch. I
- The girls have visitors.
Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. II - The women entertain the guys.
Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. III
- The orgy continues.
Guess I Should've Called First
- Domestic errand turns wild.
Left Behind Ch. 1 - Cheerleader is stranded in all-Black locker room.
Left Behind Ch. 2 - She invites voyeurs to join.
Liberties Taken on Copperhead... - Law meets moonshiner.
Living in Sin - Mom moves in with daughter & boyfriend.
Ooohhh...Atlanta - Young reporter lusts for Atlanta news anchor.
The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. I - Man finds hot video.
The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. II - Video holds a surprise.

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