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Sex: M
Age: 21
Location: West Texas
ICQ#: none
Well, hell, I don't even know where to start, There's a lot I'd like to say just don't take it to the heart. I don't do drugs, Don't hang around with thugs, I love women who go further than just hugs. I love bearskin rugs, Hot cocoa in big mugs, And when I'm in that mood I just wanna Fu... Whoa hold up! I don't have kids, I have 2 jobs, I don't tell fibs,
and I have 2 dogs.

People always ask, "Literotica, are you crazy!?" I simply reply, "It's FREE, it's great, plus I do the nasty while reading and I don't have to worry about making babies, getting rabies, getting scabies, or having to marry a wife who's freaking lazy". It's a great way to relieve my stress, nothing more - nothing less, Just some freaky on-line cyber sex. I'm opinionated, Often liberated imitated, Complicated when it comes to being gangbang-related. (Hee, Hee, Hee) I like to rhyme, That's my time, Hit me up and drop a line, I just might write back, If I wanna bump n grind, Let hear you say "Phat Latin Chulo, I wanna make you mine" LOL!


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