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Hairy Bear
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Sex: Well if you're offering...(actually M)
Age: 36 (going on 60!)
Location: London, UK
ICQ#: not given

I'm married (for the second time) and have 2 wonderful children (4 and <2). My main interests are Sex (good site guys, keep it up!), Motorbikes and computers.

I've built my own PC and I'm renovating and old Bike. In both cases I enjoy using them more than fiddling with them.

To provide the raw material to support all of the above I am a Laboratory Supervisor, however I never manage to muster as much enthusiasm for my job as I do for my hobbies (much to my employers displeasure).

I think I have an open mind and a good sense of humour (others disagree but who cares what they think!).

I will update the above when I have more time and maybe post a picture, until then feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to make new friends and enjoy any form of interaction.


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