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Sex: M
Age: 22
Location: Bellingham, WA, USA
ICQ#: 2987780
i have nipple rings. i cut most of my hair off. i spin breakbeats and jungle. i have a black tattoo in kanji on my back and a tribal tattoo on my arm. through the study of taoism, i've discovered a sense of peace in the world. i love learning about people--their lives, motives, loves and fantasies. i hate not knowing. i love the works of oscar wilde and chuang tzu. i wear boxers, not briefs. people seem to think that i have a "reputation". i love to cook (and eat) fettucine alfredo. i'm not all that good at it. i shave. my cat is the most adorable psycho that i know. i love tattoos and piercings. i hate vanilla sex. i have bronze skin every day of the year. i hate moths. i love being naked. i wear a lot of blue and green. i like bread. i love being in front of a camera. i love being behind one, too. i love animals. i used to live in berlin. i'm not a slut, i'm selectively easy. i'm bored out of my mind. i'm one of the biggest procrastinators that i know...hmmm...
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