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Sex: M
Age: Old enough to retire last year
Location: Southern Texas near McAllen & Reynosa Mexico (Olé!)
ICQ#: 45386934
Born in a mud-puddle in N. Missouri; lived in S. Missouri, Iowa, Colorado (30 yrs.), now retired in S. Texas. Working career was in marketing and publishing. Now design and maintain Web sites, write (especially fond of creating turn-on erotica), travel, read, bike and work out. Enjoy music, good films, good women, good wine -- hey! who doesn't? My tastes are eclectic. I'm basically a cooperative* hetero male who sometimes goes kinky, but always with a sense of humor and an attitude of "let's have
fun with this." I'm long-time divorced and live with an 18-year-old black pussy.

[*Cooperative: Equal partner, give and take, loving, sometimes dom, sometimes sub, sometimes just visiting; when a partner is available. Applications accepted greedily.]

A Tribute to Amy - poetry by Tinman
Meet Franny - Jim gets a shot at his fantasy girl - on her terms.
Surprise at the Adult Arcade
- His first lusty time at adult store.

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