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Sex: M
Age: 26
Location: Denmark
ICQ#: not given
At this time it's been 26 years since i was born. I stop and wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life. Now I ended up on this homepage, hopefully I will find the company of some equally souls. I have found it pretty difficult finding' some in my hometown.

One of my best friends throughh the last 6 years spoke very fondly about this page and the people on. So here I am. A pure hearted young man full of life and wacky ideas. But never the less, with a heart of gold. In time you will see.

I've had some different relationships, but none of them lasted. What I did wrong I don't understand. Sometimes it's just not meant to be. But why is it so hard to accept that fact, when you really love this woman. Perhaps because it takes 2?

Damn, I'm in a very sentimental mood right now. But I won't sit here feeling' sorry for my actions. I am the person that I am. And life's too short fore mistakes, so I'm gonna make the best of the rest of my life from now on.

In my spare time I'm playing' music together with Xander, which takes me to another level. It's great just kinda taking of from the planet, a new dimension with total harmony. Oh, it sounds just as the same feeling I have during sex……… Hmmm makes me wonder.

Well what more can I say……… a lot perhaps, but why write it here when I can share with some u. I'm hoping to meet a lot cool people here. Real feelings, sorrow, happiness, fantasies, Etc.

Looking forward to talking to you here!!!!!!!

See Ya'.



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