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Sex: M
Age: 47
Location: not given
ICQ#: not given
I am a true child of the Sexy Sixties: I lost my virginity at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert to the tune of Puff, the Magic Dragon, (a song that, ever since, always gets me hard). She was a college student that was sitting in front of me and passed me a joint. I never learned her name, and never saw her again. Those years of free flowing anonymous sex canalized my brain into a wide open to nearly anything lack of inhibitions. The reality of AIDS brought that whole way of life crashing down.

I have been married to the most wonderful woman in the world for 25 years, an incredible accomplishment; hers, not mine. Most of my stories revolve around our joint adventures; with the odd extra party, as needed. They are all based in fact, but most have large percentages of fiction as well.

I love to hear feedback, and will try to respond to all email. It sometimes takes a while, but patience builds character!

An Angel For Christmas - Wife gives him a special present.
An Angel For Christmas Pt. II - "Cathy" makes way for "Angel".
An Angel For Christmas Ch. III - They enjoy more Christmas.
The Adventures of the Designated Slut Pt. I - Cat on the road.
The Adventures...Designated Slut Pt.II - Cat in the parking lot.
The Adventures of the... Pt. III - Cat goes dancing.

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