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Mark Singer
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Jennifer Ch. I - High school guy gets a shot at his dream girl.
Jennifer Ch. II
- Dan discovers Jennifer's secret.
Jennifer Ch. III
- Jennifer's cousin comes home.
Jennifer Ch. IV - She partners with Dan in chemistry class.
Jennifer Ch. V
- She has a close encounter with Dan's dad.
Jennifer Ch. VI
- Jennifer and Jeff make dinner plans.
Jennifer Ch. VII
- Experimenting in the lab...
Jennifer Ch. VIII - Jennifer's wildest weekend ever.
Jennifer Ch. IX
- Shannon tells a hot story.
Jennifer Ch. X
- Before the beach party, a pool party...
Jennifer Ch. XI
- Dan and Jennifer throw a beach party.
Jennifer Ch. XII
- Dan makes new friends.
Jennifer Ch. XIII - The guys and girls play campfire games.
Jennifer Ch. XIV
- The party is still going strong.
Teasing Terri Pt. I
- Sexy girl takes care of more than the kids.
Teasing Terri Pt. II - Babysitter gives Wayne oral assistance.
Teasing Terri Pt. III - Wayne's caught with hot babysitter.
Teasing Terri Pt. IV - Terri seduces Jason while couple watches.
Teasing Terri Pt. V - Jenny takes Jason, & Terri & Wayne shower.
Teasing Terri Pt. VI - They explore the possibilities, and each other.
Teasing Terri Pt. VII - The foursome make a movie.

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