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M'Lady Stephanie
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Sex: F
Age: 19
Location: Middle Tennessee, USA
AOL Instant Messenger: Celeste Armand
Yahoo! Messenger: moone_breeze

The pic is from June senior pic from high school. I now have auburn hair. I look somewhat different now...many of my former co-workers have told me I am beautiful....I think I am pretty. I love kids, although I don't have any of my own. I am an involved bi-curious female who likes cats and romantic men. I am currently involved with a wonderful gentleman with four children. He and I! have recently decided to spend our lives together, and are looking forward to a fulfilling future together. I don't like mind games or liars. If you want to chat, or just find out more about me, e-mail me.

Why do I Like Literotica?....most porn movies are the same...some waifish chic and a guy whos only good asset is being well-endowed. Seeing as I don't give a #@*% about either...those do nothing for me. The stories on literotica give you a chance to do things your there's something for everyone...and if your curious about something...there's a good chance that there is a story about it somewhere within the site. I have also read a lot of erotic fiction on the web, and have yet to find a site with the wonderful variety and user friendly format as Literotica..


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