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Sex: See below
Age: Well over 21
Location: Maryland, USA
ICQ#: none

I am long married. I am intentionally vague as to my gender above because I enjoy seeing the assumptions that people make about me. The viewpoints on the verse are intentionally around 50% male 50% female. It was good enough for Shakespeare...

My initial training was in accounting, my degree is in library science, and I fix computer programs for a living. Confusing enough? The short stories posted and upcoming were nearly all done for sale to the men's magazines and didn't sell.

The poems were written at odd moments and for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries. Some poems were worked out while walking down the street; one nasty one wrote itself while I was hurrying (write me if you are curious, it's too nasty to go here.) All of my published books are non-fiction.

Blonde in Black & Silver - Russell finds a different kind of girl.
Detour in Chicago - Daniel meets fellow employee in Washington.
Do It Now - poetry by Otzchiim
Dream Lover - poetry by Otzchiim
False Profit - Lonely rich wife makes a deal.
For a Dancing Lady - poetry by Otzchiim
For My Favorite Man - poetry by Otzchiim
I Want to Be Alone -- With You - poetry by Otzchiim
Impatient - poetry by Otzchiim
Indecision - poetry by Otzchiim
Miss Payes
- poetry by Otzchiim
No Joke - White guy falls for mocha beauty Linda Payes.
Opening at Closing - Paul returns home, & bumps into old flame.
Parting Gesture - Frank learns the value of charity.
Practiced to Perfection - poetry by Otzchiim
Return Encounter - Japanese girl reunites with long lost love.
The Cherry-Popper - poetry by Otzchiim
The Day He Did It - Richard takes Judy's virginity.
The Deepest Kiss - poetry by Otzchiim
The Oldest Dance - Sylvia dances with a stranger.
Thinking About You - poetry by Otzchiim
Time Enough - poetry by Otzchiim
To My Great Temptation... - poetry by Otzchiim
Valentine - poetry by Otzchiim
Word of Mouth - poetry by Otzchiim

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