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Sex: F
Age: 35
Location: USA
ICQ#: not given

Many of you wanted me to add my profile, so here is what I have. I am a 35 year old woman. If it interests you I stand 5'6", weigh 128 pounds and wear glasses as I am blind without them. I am also married to 2 men who love and cherish me. We are all best friends and life without either of them is not worth thinking about.

I have been here at Literotica over a year, but only started posting in March. This website has done so very much to boost my ego and make me realize what I have to offer. I have found a couple very good friends here too. And it constantly amazes me what the internet can do for communication and education. My men and i have gotten several ideas from some of you, so keep up the work.

I write erotic stories and poems and will soon be submitting one to Laurel for approval. That is, when I get up the nerve.

I have worked retail for 18 years, yet still love people. I wish I could write a witty, funny bio, but it makes me self-concious to write about myself.


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