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Caresse Mandylor
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Sex: F
Age: 28
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
ICQ#: none
I am a single white female, born and raised in the "deep south." with long blond hair and Scarlett O'Hara green eyes, a typical southern belle with the accent to match! The three adjectives that describe me best are creative, sensual and humorous and I try to incorporate them in both my real life and my stories.

To be a writer of erotica you have to have a certain mentality, a mind set that can find limitless possibilities for sex, finding it anywhere and everywhere (Experimenting with everything from the doorknob to the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror). I'm that type of girl. My stories are mostly my daydreams ... a little window into my mind and my favorite tales are always the ones where I'm the heroine!

Love, Caresse @--(-----

Genie in a Bottle Ch. I - Girl gets her wish from randy Djinn.
Genie in a Bottle Ch. II
- He grants her the third wish.
Genie in a Bottle Ch. III - She thanks the genie for his services.
Midnight Shift Ch. I
- Answering service girl gets a familiar visitor.
Midnight Shift Ch. II - The good doctor keeps Caresse company.
Midnight Shift Ch. III - Doctor's visit changes Caresse's night.
Midnight Shift Ch. IV - Caresse gets a spanking.

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