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Sex: M
Age: 30
Location: Northern Virginia, USA
ICQ#: 41480890
Hello fellow literoticans. My name is poolboy, I am a 30 year old, openly bisexual male. I am new to literotica but I have been "creative writing" for years. I have a BS degree in Computer Science and I am tired of writing for work and I decided I wanted to write for pleasure for a change. As you will see from my stories below, I write as a Bisexual, Gay, and Straight Male as well as a Bisexual, Lesbian and Straight female. I am very open sexually and have experienced a lot of what I write about.

I love to get private e mail from like minded males and females. I also would like any suggestions on story topics. If you like what you read and would like to meet and try some of the stuff in person, just drop me a line and tell me so. I love to play around with boys and girls as long as we play safe. I prefer people within 150 miles from Washington DC. So if I can make your fantasies come true, just let me know.

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