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Sex: M
Age: 28
Location: Wilmington, NC
ICQ#: not given
Hi, I'm a SWM, Black hair (liberally spiced w/grey), Darn good sense of humor, pretty good cook, and spontaneous nutcase. The nutcase part is probably due to the nature of my work, as you can see from the PIC it has something to do with Law Enforcement ;)....

I tend to read voraciously, so when a friend of mine linked me to the site. I figured I'd peek in and see what it's all about, that was in November of '99 and I'm still here, the quality of the stories varies, but I can say this, every single one of them have been a good read.

As far as my preferences, I tend to be the kind of guy who likes to be there for her if you get my drift. A little Tie and Tease every once in a while tends to break up the monotony too ;)

Anyway, I like hearing from new people and chatting some drop me a line. Who knows??? As a favorite actor of mine once said, " Y'know this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


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