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Benevolent Goddess
you may call me Goddess *smiles Benevolently*
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Sex: F
Age: 27 - old enough to have learned what not to do.. but do it because it feels good anyway
Location: Northern California, USA
ICQ#: 81485008
I'm a Black Magic Woman who loves to be worshiped with chilled, peeled grapes, wines older than I am, plane tickets to foreign countries and a long, hard ... rub. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and have a short temper with people who don't play nicey-nice. I can soothe the savage beast, then rip its heart out, all while smiling a <sweetsmile>. I'm wicked at truth or dare and love to play other games, like BONDAGE <g> And, yes, I do collect vibrators ... everyone needs a hobby.

I'm 5'7, red hair, cinnamon colored eyes, with pale skin that glows in the moonlight over black satin sheets. Yes, those are all mine and no, they don't belong to anyone else. I'm uncollared by choice, though you are welcome to try to change my mind, if you can.


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