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Sex: F
Age: 20
Location: Maryland, USA
ICQ#: 25884754
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I am a senior at a univeristy and I am into a lot of exciting and different things. I am into new adventures and things of that sort. Always finding trouble to get into (which is hard where I live). But, I haven't had ANY complaints thus far and only plan on getting better as I am also following my dream. Ceck out my webpage for more pictures if you want to know more about me, there is stuff on there too. I love to chat about anything and I even have some "secret" pictures hidden deep in my computer. If you ask nicely (or demand - depending on your mood and mine) I just might let ya have a peek. I am online just about all the time so if you want to chat, you have that information or you can E-Mail me too. You won't regret it I promise ya that!!!! Just a note the first picture is more recent, and the one of a real close up of my face and me sitting down are a bit older, but I haven't changed much trust me!!

I enjoy reading all the stories that are in this site and I have been doing so for almost a year now and they just keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work everyone!!!! Maybe one day I will write my own erotic story but for now I am living those erotic moments one day (or week) at a time. I can deal with that for now though. Love Ya all and I hope to hear from ya soon!!!!
Dolphin in Bed - Busty beauty relaxes. PIC
Dolphin in Lingerie
- Curvy brunette in black. PIC

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