Hot Erotic Stories.

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I am a 44 yr. old widow living in Key West Fla. Most of the stories are based on fact or actual events in my life. I welcome "E" Mail.

CRACK! - Sexy woman gets the paddle.
His Slave
- She moves in with the perfect older man.
Just For Me! - She's addicted to online love.
My Fantasy - She yearns to touch you.
My Neighbor - He comes by, and they both come.
My New Job - Nympho finds satisfaction in work.
My Roommate - Horny roommates share a man.
My Turn Next - Man rapes dental technician, and regrets it.
Online - She gets off - online.
Roger, The Lodger - Cape Cod widow prays for a man.
Stockings - She faces her biggest challenge ever.
The Dancer - Male stripper livens up bridal shower.
The Mind Doctor I - Female doctor performs hypnotic experiments.
The Mind Doctor II - Doctor helps Paul, and he helps horny women.
The Mind Doctor III - Research assistant requests hypnotic therapy.
The Mind Doctor IV - Doctor helps sexually exhausted tennis pro.
The Mind Doctor V - Doctor's patients help each other.
The Swimmers - 40ish woman and 20ish man enjoy a swim.
The Traveling Companions - Wealthy man places an unusual ad.
The Workout - Two sexy women enjoy a shower at the gym.
With Which, With What... - Hot dyke meets horny queer.

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