Hot Erotic Stories.

Richard Janice
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Author Notes
: Have been writing for the pleasure of it for several years. Story ideas are gotten from an overactive imagination and jotted down on paper. The Adventures of Trudy are primarily wishful thinking.
There seems to be an increasing interest in s/m and nonconsensual sex as a theme. The latest Trudy stories respond to that demand.

At The Fair - Trudy and Scott enjoy the County Fair.
Ginger's Apartment
- Salesman meets hot brunette.
Letter to Trudy - Trudy is seduced by handsome stranger.
Submissive Trudy - Mr. Wilson dominiates the sexy nympho.
The Commuter Bus - Trudy is had by stranger on crowded bus.
The Stockboy - Trudy gets milk... and a little beef... at the grocery store.
Trudy and Tommy - The siblings spy on couple having sex.
Trudy: Day at the Office - Sexy Trudy wears no panties to work.
Trudy: The Interview - Trudy meets her Master.
Trudy: The Rape
- She's taken by gang, and comes back for more.
Trudy is Bound to Please
- He ties up a sexy blonde.
Trudy is Captive
- Trudy is tied up & taught a lesson.
Trudy's Apartment - Scott enjoys Trudy and Ginger.
Trudy Strips - Trudy takes bump & grind lessons.

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