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Me Jaz. Jaz like sex. Jaz like to write about rape and Incest. Jaz don't chat, but does respond to E-mail. Jaz full of shit, and so are his stories.

I am 30 years old, devastatingly handsome, charming and witty. Men look up to me and women adore me. Like Mary Poppins, I am practically perfect in every way. I am occasionally sarcastic, lie often, and a virgin, studying to be a priest (or maybe a rabbi).

I have written 18 nasty stories but many of them do not meet the age guidelines for this site. Most victims are in the 15 to 17 yr range. When I write stories about 18 yr olds and up in the future, I will post them to this very cool site.

Nice to meet you.


That Bitch... - Evil mother-in-law ruins his life, so he fights back.

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