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Miranda Reigns
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Sex: F
Age: 37
Location: Colorado, USA
ICQ#: not given
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Hi there! Well, I just discovered the Literotica Web Site and feel like a kid let loose in a candy store! I love reading erotic literature, as well as writing it. I have had 2 novels published through Blue Moon Books, with a third one on the way Spring of 2001. If you'd like info on any of my work, please feel free to email me and ask, or if you'd rather, go take a quick peek at my web page.

I tend to write about aggressive, somewhat kinky sex, but I try to include a little bit of everything in each novel. I wouldn't call it BDSM, but it definately has those undertones. Most of what I've written is purely fantasy, so if you're inspired to try something I've written about, do so at your own risk!

I am also open to any feedback and/or ideas for any future writings.

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