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Bob Peale
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Sex: M
Age: 30
Location: Way down south...well, you know the rest given
ICQ#: not given
Hi. My measurements are 36-24-34. My turn ons are Long Walks, Bubble Baths, and Cotton Candy. Turnoffs include Red Lights and Mean People....oops, wrong bio. My Bad! Seriously, I am a 30- something recovering yuppie (the first step is admitting that you have a problem) and one of the certified dinosaurs around here...seems like I've been around forever! My stories tend to be a little longer and involved, but I promise that if you take a look at a few, you'll enjoy the ride. I like to write stuff that that get people excited, and I try to make every story a little different. I'm very good about responding to email, so if you have a thought or comment, please send 'em along!

A Quick Bite To Eat - Man has erotic public experiences.
Just Another Day at the Office - Ebony temptress blackmails exec.
Just Another Day at the Office II - She takes him to new places.
Just Another Day at the Office III - Exec gets a big surprise.
Moving Day Pt. I - Horny young student finds release.
Moving Day Pt. II - Uptight woman meets hunky movers.
Moving Day Pt. III - Uptight woman gets loose with movers.
Help Around the House Pt. I - Couple hires beautiful black nanny.
Help Around the House Pt. II - He catches her in bad position.
Rest Stop Pt. I - Straight man learns new tricks on the road.
Rest Stop Pt. II - Jeff makes new friends.
Scratching An Itch Pt. I - Wife of wealthy man leaves town for affair.
Scratching An Itch Pt. II - Tania seduces married man.
Scratching An Itch Pt. III - Ron gets more than he bargained for.
Scratching An Itch Pt. IV - She goes to get what Ron owes here.
Scratching An Itch Pt. V - Tania involves Ron's wife.
Suburban Sprawl Pt. I - Darren & Cathy adjust to parental life.
Suburban Sprawl Pt. II - Newly housebound Darren faces bullies.
The Road - Cops punish speeding woman with hot sex.
Yard Work
- Couple plays trick on voyeuristic gardener.

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