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Sex: M
Age: 27
Location: USA born, living in Nepal
ICQ#: not given
I am a 27 year old M. 5'10, 140. I was born in the USA but currently live in Nepal. I work with the UN on poverty housing projects. I run a program which builds houses for internally displaced persons and poor families.

It gets a little isolated and boring out here, so I write and read erotica (and a lot of other stuff) to pass the time. I discovered Literotica about a month ago, and have been stopping by almost daily ever since.

Drop me a line if you want to say Hi or exchange stories.

I'm like stories about group sex and couples. No incest or non-consent, please. Strip poker is a particularly interesting to me. I'm into big breasts. I fantasize about bi-sexual encounters and sucking another guys cock.

Every guys here claims to have a big cock...mine actually is quite good size.

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