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Alex Finch
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Sex: M
Age: 20ish
Location: USA
ICQ#: not given

I am too much of a dreamer, to be totally honest. A brief flip through any of my stuff will scrounge only the faintest traces of reality. The things I write about do not usually occur in real life. But that is how I like it.

I love fantasy, and fantasies. I have been dreaming of sexual adventure since I was barely a teen, and I have found some. But I am doubtful of myself, and doubtful of anyone's desire to hear about my personal escapades. Suffice to say, I travel a lot (aftereffect of living in a small American town from birth), and I have seen my share of nude women (most of whom I did not pay to see), as well as barren hotel rooms. I am thrilled to move though, and the fuel for my fantasies is that air of mystery the next bend in the road leads to. It is the prepackaged, factory-sealed American Dream. But I eat frozen food as well, and enjoy it enough...

I love writing(though unsure how good I am at it). I love writing about things I enjoy. I love sex (solo and with others). I love writing about sex. Easy logic. So I hope you all enjoy my over-the-top tales of streamlined fucking. And I hope you write back to me to tell me what you thought. Nothing leaves the conciousness bare like a good sex story; it is a window to the writer's deepest desires. So if nearly each and every one of my stories contains some bit of foot worship, it likely means that I have a thing for ladies' feet. And I do. So please, write to me, and share your own filthy wants. Nude pictures from cute girls are nice; intellegent feedback from cute girls is astounding.

And Helene, yes, it is me.

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