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Igor Quasimodo
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Sex: M
Age: 46
Location: Plymouth, UK
ICQ#: not given
Hi, I live in Plymouth, very interested in sex, My fantasy would be to be a trainer for a cheerleaders team and you can take it from there! I am straight, dominant (but not a bully!) and believe it or not I like women as persons and not just as sex objects. My priorities are: cleanliness, discretion and a good sense of humour.

Me? Well as opposed to a lot of men writing here I am not incredibly handsome and I do not have a 10 penis! I am ugly, 5 10 own hair, teeth etc and would you believe no beer belly! That s what comes of spending to much time in the Royal Marines!

To summarise, I am normal, slightly dominant, love young ladies and have a good sense of humour.

Drop me a line, I promise to respond.


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