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Sex: F what do you think? i'm a chick, come on, it's not that hard! *^-^*
Age: 19 (ya, so what? i can think too! :p :) )
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
ICQ#: 10540933

occupation: checking the bb's (yes, at literotica)

hobbies: checking the bb's (same :))

a little bit about me,...

i'm really longwinded, and say things i regret all the time.

i'm very emotional- something i'm learning to work with. i'm very supportive and positive and happy- cuz i love life, and life is about being happy. but i also have the tendency to bitch without realising it, also something i'm trying to work on. especially cuz when i say something i mean people write it off as bitching, but when i'm just bitching, people take it to heart,... go fig!

um, what else,... i have a man (or he has me however you want to look at it), he's on the bb's all the time too,... but i won't reveal the name,... he may get mad,...

um, i'm subbie at heart, which is not to say i don't know how to be dom, but i'd really rather not,... like REALLY rather not,...

i chill on irc, but i won't spam (aren't i nice?)

oh yeah, i have tattoos, i will have pics soon,...i have piercings, (not shown in the pics enclosed)

more about me, i love taking care of the people i know and love, i'm very accepting. i'm really random (haven't noticed yet? you will!)

i like people e-mailing and icq'ing me, if they have nice things to say! :) i guess that's it,...


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