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Sex: F
Age: 19
Location: Louisiana, USA
ICQ#: none

I am a Nineteen year old Yankee currently living in Louisiana. I love to read erotic stories, and so I found Literotica one day. I plan on trying my hand at writing my own stories soon. I am a very sexual girl, I love sex, but I have only a few select partners. I like to write erotic emails as well as receive them.

I love to take and be the subject of erotic pictures and have many and will soon take more. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to email me with them. I have PICS of just me and PICS of me and my lover/boyfriend, all of which will be appearing on Literotica soon.

A Little Bit of a BadGirl - Naughty girl in black and white.
More of a BadGirl - Naughty lady in new pics.

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