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Lucy W
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I was looking through all the profiles here, and I figured, you know what..what the hell, I'll write one too. At first I was too shy to have this info posted, but then I realized you folks are just the people that I can see everyday, at the bank, grocery store, school..etc etc.

Yes, I do have photos of me posted on this site, under Lucy (go figure) and my friend Mistress X. Check 'em out if you want to.

I discovered this site through virgorous searches for good erotic stories, and it's been about a year since I've known this site. At first I got an email, feeling all excited that I got a 'sex' email. Then one fine day I received a digital camera. :) And that's when the fun began.

It started out with boredom and being home alone without roomates around, so I decided to have some fun taking pics in the bathroom mirror :) I kept those for a while, sending those to a few close guy friends and then I got brave (after hearing some really flattering comments from them) and submitted it to this site. It took a while for these pics to be posted up, at one point I was thinking that these pics weren't good enough. But then when I checked my email..BAM..10 messages were there and waiting, commenting on my three pictures :) Ever since then, I decided to let my creativity go and hope that they dont burst open the door asking me what's taking me so long in the bathroom (these people just never respect your 'time)

If anybody wonders, I am what most 'normal' (*pause for laughter*) people would consider a "computer nerd" or to psychologists "PIU" (Pathological Internet User) Books are great let me tell you. Living to the library is a wonderful thing ;) Right now, Anne Rice captures my attention with her alter ego, Lestat. But my all time favorite book would be "Ender's Game" (shuush, I have a crush on Ender) I would go about spilling out movies and music, but if you've read this far, and is still interested, I assume that you would email me by now. HeHe.

I suppose I'm looking for people to talk to by being on this site, more importantly, I'm here to vent out all my repressed thoughts and desires. A great thrill came over me when I realize that I can take erotic pictures and post them up on the 'net, without ever having to reveal my true identity. This is espcially pleasing when I know there are people out there replying to me, watching like the loyal looker.

Life is short, I plan to live it well. Our society has a really strange love-hate relationship with sex, so I figured I better do something fun and 'dangerous' (socially speaking)

Feathers and Vinyl are my friends and they love me too...Lolita is my best friend and I was the ones giving her ideas to seduce Humbert :)..Now that i've spilled out enough information to show the world that I'm not a typical 'computer nerd', I think it's time I go and hope that none of this comes back and haunt me (God I can imagine my parents asking me of this 'porn site' that they heard i was on)

Read on, You will find interesting perspective pictures of the phallus and breasts..and really exquisite stories


Lucy's Pics - 1 gorgeous bored girl + 1 camera + 1 mirror = fun. PIC
Lucy's Pics 2 - More mirror fun, this time with a boa. PIC
Lucy's Pics 3 - Sexy Asian girl reveals more. PIC
Lucy's Pics 4 - Feather Delights... PIC
Mistress X - Lucy's sexy friend. PIC
Mistress X 2 - More of Lucy's sexy friend. PIC
Mystery and Shyness - Lovely Lucy in the mirror. PIC
Mystery & Shyness 2 - Lucy in a camisole & panty. PIC

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