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Sex: F
Age: 20
Location: New Hampshire, USA
ICQ#: not given
I am 5'5 with straight auburn hair down almost to my butt. I have blue eyes,
very light skin, and a big smile. I have a 40DD chest and my tongue pierced.
I love to write, read, and live erotica. My boyfriend sitting next to me
right now says to put that im a nympho. The poor guy, I just wear him out.
But you can see the pic of me going down on him and see why I want sex so
much. I mean if you had his dick around all the time, you'd never get off it

Anyway, i live in NH so there's not too much to do here. I work full time
and intend on going to school in the Fall. I want to major in English and
write, but there's no guaranteed money there. So I'm just going to keep that
as a hobby. I plan on majoring in pharmacology. I love to read and sing and
dance. And of sex sex. I love to hear from people, so I'd love
for anyone and everyone to drop me a line.

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