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Kip Carson
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Sex: M
Age: 35
Location: not given
ICQ#: not given
Hi, I'm Kip Carson. I am a 35 yr old white married male. I have 2 children, and have been married for 9 yrs. I only recently started writing erotic stories. It started due to some online penpals I made, who asked me to write them some stories. They liked what I wrote and told me I should start submitting them. I also play guitar, and write songs. I would love your comments about my stories. I also would write stories based upon any and all suggestions I might receive.

A Close Knit Family
- Grandparents give grandkids sex lessons.
A Dirty Western Pt. I - Miss Clitty entertains outlaw Black Bob.
A Dirty Western Pt. II - Black Bob gets wild with Indian girl.
A Good Daughter - She enjoys porno with Dad.
A Very Brady Sequel - Alice learns a lesson about tattling.
Adopted Daughter - Ted lusts for sexy Mai.
Aunt Alice Pt. II - Alice brings transexual friend for niece to share.
Carol's Lactating Breasts - Sis-in-law helps relieve pregnant Carol.
Creature of the Night I - Busty woman is visited while sleeping.
Creature of the Night II - She needs to feed.
Creature of the Night III - Catherine's first kill.
Creature of the Night IV - Her victim isn't what he appears.
Creature of the Night Pt. V - Catherine visits a women's college.
Deer Hunters - Two men bond during hunting trip.
From Arabia w/Love Pt. I - Shy Arab sisters meet American men.
From Arabia w/Love Pt. II - Two guys enjoy Arabian sisters.
Full House:... Pt. I - Michelle reunites with Stephanie.
Full House:... Pt. II - Joey walks in on the girls.
Fun With Rope Pt. I - Hubby fulfills wife's bondage fantasy.
Fun With Rope Pt. II - Mike brings others for Julie to enjoy.
Geri's Night Out Pt. I - Jerry becomes Geri and meets swingers.
Geri's Night Out Pt. II - Crossdresser enjoys Tommy and Pam.
Gilligan's Island - The castaways get horny.
Going Home With... - He parties with roommate and his sis.
Horny Pregnant Mom - Mother needs it bad, and son delivers!
Internet Pals - ICQ pals meet in hotel for wild encounter.
Kissing Cousins - Tim falls for tall, lovely Michelle.
Mark's Surprise Pt. I - Mark catches Diana in "the act".
Married With Children Pt. I - Peg seduces Bud, and Kelly joins in.
Married With Children Pt. II - Marcy watches Kelly shower.
Massaging Mother - Physical therapy goes further.
Mom & Dad's Little Slut Pt. I - Parents "punish" cross-dressing son.
Mom & Dad's Little Slut Pt. II - Amber dresses him up.
Mom's Gangbang - She seduces son's hunky college buddies.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. I - Camping girls meet Sasquatch.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. II - Two girls get busy with Bigfoot.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. III - Jeanna & Amber enjoy Sasquatch.
Sister's Divorce Pt. I - Lawyer brother comforts hot sister.
Sister's Divorce Pt. II - Todd & Christina enjoy time alone.
Sorry, She is Tied Up... - Sherri discovers she likes being bound.
Steve & Stef - Guy & girl meet & fall in love near Halloween.
Thank God for Older Women - Motel clerk meets aging stripper.
The Adult Theater - Husband makes friends at XXX show.
The Adult Theater Pt. II - Hubby takes wife to XX movie.
The African Safari - Guy and two girls are taken by natives.
The Brady Bunch - Greg bonds with Jan and Marcia.
The Brady Bunch Sequel - Mom Carol finds Greg's Playboy.
The Broken Furnace - Grandson helps grandma, and she helps him.
The Couple - His friend's wife seduces him on couch.
The Dance - Woman approaches couple at nightclub.
The Gym Pt. I - College guy meets older man in gym shower.
The Gym Pt. II - College guy visits Carl and his Asian wife.
The Gym Pt. III - John's blind date is out of the ordinary.
The Gym Pt. IV - John and shemale Kate visit Carl & Suki.
The KISS Concert - Four girls get KISSed.
The Maltese Fuckin' Ch IV - Joel and Kim are kidnapped.
The Meal Pt. I - Sexy volunteer girl gets with hot mature woman.
The Meal Pt. II - Sexy Cindy meets Mona's son.
The Music Awards - Reporter participates in all-star orgy.
The Night I Came Home Early - Man finds wife with girlfriend.
The Preacher's Wife - Baptist boy lusts for pastor's woman.
The Preacher's Wife Pt. II - He brings friend for lady to enjoy.
The Specimen - Blonde nurse helps hubby with sperm sample.
The Wedding Reception - His cousin is hot, and so is her daughter!
Three's Company - The girls catch Jack spying on them.
WWF in the RAW - These fighters make love, not war!
WWF in the RAW Pt. II - Wrestling stars try new moves.
WWF in the RAW Pt. III - WWF-style mud wrestling.
WWF in the RAW Pt. IV - Godfather takes on bevy of beauties.
Xena & Gabrielle Pt. II - Hercules visits the girls.
Xena the Warrior Princess - Xena and Gabrielle get real close.

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