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This author has stories in the Extreme section.
A Punishing Affair Pt. I - Tom gets revenge on cheating wife.
A Punishing Affair Pt. II
- Husband teaches wife not to cheat.
Brainy, Brawn, and Beauty
- Uptight upscale siblings get a shock.
Brain, Brawn, & Beauty II
- Upper class siblings explore sex.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. I - New security guard is hired by Faith Hill.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. II - He catches Faith in intimate moment.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. III - Security guy spends time with Faith.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. IV - He saves Faith Hill from stalker.
Speedy Checkout - Robber gets away with cash and nookie.
The Party Is Over... - Bets at college party lead to group sex.

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