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Isabella Thorne
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Sex: ummmm definitely female lol
Age: over 21 ... hey over 31 for that matter :)
Location: Canada
ICQ#: not made public
i started writing erotic literature lately and am now having my pics taken too. i am quite submissive sexually and this side of me has developed even more prominantely with the help of my boyfriend. (my submissive side, however, does not spill into the rest of my life ... i am pretty independent in other matters.)

i have never before done anything like this and it is extremely exciting for me to sexually express myself in this manner. i have very wild vivid fantasies and that is what i try to capture in my stories .. to offer you a peak into my intimate thoughts ..

...i would love to hear from you ... both men and women .. would love to hear your feedback on my stories and pics... and i look forward to submitting more soon.

luv, isabella xxo

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