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Della's Turn (Revised) - Proud lady finds love in unexpected place.
From Afar Pt. I
- High school outcast yearns for football star.
From Afar Pt. II - She helps football star after accident.
From Afar Pt. III - Chad and Sara go swimming.
From Afar Pt. IV - Chad confides in Sara.
From Afar Pt. V - Sara takes vacation to forget about Chad.
From Afar Pt. VI - Chad searches for Sara.
From Afar Pt. VII - Chad takes care of Sara - and Greg.
From Afar Pt. VIII - Sara awakes beside Chad.
From Afar Pt. IX - Sara's doctor makes a startling announcement.
Stalked - Pious young girl encounters handsome substitute teacher.
Stalked Pt. II - Emily and Mike are reunited.
Stalked Pt. III - Mystery man enters her life again.
Stalked Pt. IV - Emily meets her stalker.
Stalked Pt. V - Mike reveals all to frightened Emily.
Stalked Pt. VI - Mike takes Emily where she's never gone before.
Swans Pt. I - Yvette talks to Cassidy, and meets her boss's son.
Swans Pt. II - Cassidy's story.
The Maltese Fuckin' Ch. I - A curvy case walks into Joe Steele's office.
The Maltese Fuckin' Ch. III - Joe questions Ivana Hump.
The Temp - Gorgeous ebony woman intrigues lawyer.
The Temp II - Hot black temp teases lawyer.
The Temp III - Geoff gets the goods on Yvette.
The Temp IV - He confronts Yvette.

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