Hot Erotic Stories.

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I've been married for 19 years to a wonderful, understanding man who enjoys
reading my stories and was the one that encourages me to write. We have three
teenage sons that eat us out of house and home and are generally large bills of
expense...(wouldn't trade them for the world). In order to help feed the tribe
living here, I work full time as a clinical laboratory scientist, which really
means I work in a hospital lab analyzing people's blood. I also have been
termed a vampire by my patients, but I'm very good at getting blood out of
unwilling victims. My interests include painting, (not walls though), music of
all kinds except rap, (either listening or playing it on one of the many
instruments we have around here from acoustics to woodwinds) and of course,
writing. Needless to say, I keep busy.

Angel at Work Pt. I - Lonely woman collides with unfriendly neighbor.
Angel at Work Pt. II - Shannon runs into neighbor again.
Angel at Work Pt. III - He visits her house.
Angel at Work Pt. IV - Allen and Shannon connect.
Can't Win for Losing - Married woman blossoms sexually.
Eagle's Nest Pt. I - Lonely woman receives mysterious letter.
Eagle's Nest Pt. II - She embarks on incredible journey.
Eagle's Nest Pt. III - He shows her what passion is.
Eagle's Nest Pt. IV - They experience pleasure together.
Eagle's Nest Pt. V - He takes her for the first time.
Ice Cream Man Pt. I - Woman and hunky delivery driver flirt.
Ice Cream Man Pt. II - She prepares her seduction.
Ice Cream Man Pt. III - He delivers more than frozen goods.
MorningStar's Awakening - Author discovers special ability.
Online Pt. I - Cyber lover makes big announcement.
Online Pt. II - She has a secret of her own.
Online Pt. III - She, Ranger, and hubby make three.
Online IV - Threesome enjoys quality time together.
Online V - Threesome enjoys a jacuzzi.
The Airport Pt. I - He picks up his cyber lover after flight.
The Airport Pt. II - They consummate their love.
The Airport Pt. III - They enjoy a shower together.

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