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Sex: M
Age: 43
Location: traveling constantly, gone more than home
ICQ#: 19577863
For those of you that may wonder just who db01 is, here I am. I m a product of the Midwest so my values and attitudes include a healthy respect for people and their uniqueness. My Eastern European heritage accounts for my dark hair and complexion, my blue eyes and like the image on this page, my affection for coffee. I almost always have a cup close at hand, not to mention my cat Sparky somewhere under foot. If you want to see a real picture, just e-mail me and ask.

I began playing with writing erotica about a year ago because a dear friend had asked me to write her a story. What I discovered is that it has become a wonderful outlet for expressing my sexual persona. My stories are part fantasy and part personal experience. I leave it to you, the reader, to decide which is which.

Enjoy the dreams and the images I try to create!

A Weekend at the Cabin - Couple enjoys passionate getaway.
A Weekend at the Cabin II
- You enjoy a dance with her.
Love Letter - He writes to an incredible woman.
Massage Pt I
- He rubs her the right way.
Massage Pt. II & III - Two erotic writers "massage" each other.
Massage Pt. IV & V - Two erotic writers continue "massage"
Something Warm & Wet Pt. I - He soaps you up in shower.
Something Warm & Wet Pt. II - She returns the favor.

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