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Farmer's Daughter I - A young girl, her cousin, and his friend.
Farmer's Daughter II - Country girl gets lovin' from her cousins.
Farmer's Daughter III - Farm girls gets with her entire family.
Hot Summer Afternoon - She falls for her brother's friend.
Hot Summer Afternoon II - More of young girl & brother's friend.
Lickety Split Pt. I - She plays games with her two girl cousins.
Lickety Split Pt. II - Heidi's brother catches the three girls.
Lickety Split Pt. III - Boy cousin tells his side of the story.
Lickety Split Pt. IV - Jake's turn at this tale of cousin love.
Lickety Split Pt. V - Lynn makes moves on brother Shane.
Lickety Split Pt. VI - Lynn & Shane play with their cousins.
Lickety Split Pt. VII - Shane takes boy cousin's anal virginity.
Lickety Split Pt. VIII - Shane tries out his cousins.
Lickety Split Pt. IX - She takes two guy cousins at once.
Lickety Split Pt. X - Cousin orgy culminates in anal sex.
My Boss - Secretary yearns to please her uptight boss.
My Cousins - College girl sneaks a shower with her hunky cousin.
My Cousins Part II - Twin boy cousins are her perfect roommates.
My Cousins Part III - Shelly brings a girlfriend home for the boys.
Slut Lessons Pt. I - Cheerleader competes in bizarre sex contest.
Slut Lessons Pt. II - Renee meets Tom and Ginny.
Slut Lessons Pt. III - Renee sees her first shaved girl.
Slut Lessons Pt. IV - Stacy takes all comers.
Slut Lessons Pt. V - Stacy finally experiences Renee.
Slut Lessons Pt. VI - Stacey & Renee take on twin brothers.
Slut Lessons Pt. VII - Renee & Stacey shave each other.
Slut Lessons Pt. VIII - Renee's sister shares secret.
Slut Lessons Pt. IX - Leslie loses her virginity.
Slut Lessons Pt. X - Leslie takes her brother and her cousin.
The Bet I: Bonnie - Young girl loses her virginity in bet.
The Bet II: Simone - Girl watches friend have sex with her brother.
The Bet III: Simone's Attack - Little sister seduces older brother.

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