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Kelli Bleu
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Dear Diary Pt. I - High school Kelli details her sexual adventures.
Dear Diary Pt. II
- Kelli peeps on her friends.
Dear Diary Pt. III
- Kelli watches sister's guy as he dresses.
Dear Diary Pt. IV
- Kelli attends a sleepover, but doesn't sleep!
Dear Diary Pt. V
- Kelli's in the closet with Shaun and Marie.
Dear Diary Pt. VI
- Sleepover gets even hotter.
Dear Diary Pt. VII
- She shops with Marie.
Dear Diary Pt. VIII
- Kelli goes to college.
Dear Diary Pt. IX
- Kelli loses her a woman.
Dear Diary Pt. X
- Kelli enjoys time with her girlfriends.
Dear Diary Pt. XI
- Kelli, alone in her room.
Dear Diary Pt. XII - Kelli goes back to school.
Kelli Gets Even
- College girl seeks revenge on girl who wrongs her.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. II - Kelli schemes to humiliate Cindy.
Kelli's Revenge Pt. III - Kelli gets back at evil Erin.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. IV - She sets sights on vicious bride-to-be.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. V - Kelli finishes off final bit of revenge.
Kelli Gets Even: Epilogue - Kelli is confronted.

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