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Jimi Linden
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Sex: every chance I get
Age: 39 and holding
Location: rural Oklahoma
ICQ#: not given
Enjoyed first sexual encounter (hands on investigation) in first grade and I'm still going strong. Never have I been able to get enough sex, even from multiple partners, so I'm always open to new opportunities. All the stories I've submitted, and those in development, are true accounts of my personal experiences.

Should I live to be one hundred fifty years old, I hope to have sufficient engagements that I will never be able to record them all. One of my ongoing projects is interviewing people for a series of "first time" tales. Should anyone care to share those histories with me, I'll be more than glad to compose and/or edit their experiences for publication.

Keep those stories coming to this great site as I never tire of hearing other peoples ideas.

Sorry, unable to share current picture due to location. Attachment is picture from an earlier age.

Car Trouble - Hunky neighbor helps lonely wife with motor problems.
Church Tales Ch. I
- Virgin couple loses it in church.
Church Tales Ch. II - Two young couples blossom sexually.
Church Tales Ch. III - She seduces the preacher's son.
Church Tales Ch. IV - He seduces the minister's sexy wife.
Church Tales Ch. V - She visits her fiancee, and meets Pastor Ronnie.
Church Tales Ch. VI - Reverend Ronnie ponders the evils of sex.
Church Tales Ch. VII - Leo speaks at Pastor Ronnie's church.
Proliferate Afternoon - Wife brings David home to meet hubby.
Proliferate Counsel - She and Leo help Marci with her sex life.
Proliferate Dinner - She & hubby enjoy her coworker & his wife.
Proliferate Drill - What a pleasure it is to serve your country!
Proliferate First Memory - Marcy tells about her first time.
The Trip - Employee and boss lust on long drive.
The Voice - Sheriff's daughter gets caught on hot date.

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