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Sex: Not nearly enough (lol, F)
Age: but old enough to get some legally (25, actually)
Location: Canada
ICQ#: 4423816
Hello, my name is Karen and I'm a 25 yr old Canadian Northerner. To
give you more of an idea of who I am, picture someone completely
unlikely to write erotica - plain, boring, inept at flirting, and oozing
negative doses of sex appeal. Now, put me in a closet, with the door
shut and a laptop. If you open the closet door to take a peek, you'll
see my fingernails clicking away at the keys as I put my secret, naughty
thoughts into a story.

It seems that the closet door is being opened more and more these days.
After that Literotica Reunion and this website I'm sure I will never be
the same! ;) I mean, look at that pic! I cannot believe I am posting
that for any and all to see! Eeeek! Shut the door now please!

Happy Birthday, Baby - She gives him the perfect birthday dinner.
Literotica Reunion Ch. VI
- The group competes in kinky contest.
- Party heats up when friends play drinking games.
The Bath - Mike helps Sue unwind after rough day.
The Homecoming - Returning hubby wakes up wife in the best way.

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