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Indy Dark
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Sex: 39
Age: M
Location: Springfield, Missouri, USA
ICQ#: none
Seize the day! Life is too short. I like to catagorize myself as an opportunist. Should the opportunity present itself I am going to take it, whatever it is....ok within limits. I am versatile sexually with eclectic tastes, what pleases me is pleasuring others. I enjoy brief mutually beneficial encounters, lasting yet sexually motivated relationships, just "gettin naked and crazy" or maybe just someone of the opposite sex to flirt with. When was the last time you felt the wind in your hair or the sun on your butt. Get off the couch and let's go skinny dipping, just for the fun of it. Opportunities come and go and you will hate to look back and say...I shoulda made love to the little red haired girl.

I enjoy writing, my thoughts are my own but I like to share. It tickles me when I get feedback and someone says "I like that thought too".

Audrey - poetry by Indy Dark
Bondage Fantasy - He takes wife on wild adventure.
I Have Come to Rescue You! - poetry by Indy Dark
I Remember Her Smile - Man looks back on his 19th summer.
My Vision For You - poetry by Indy Dark
Pan's Domain - poetry by Indy Dark
Spicing Things Up - Husband takes Kathy on a wild weekend.

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