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Sex: F
Age: 35
Location: not given
ICQ#: not given
I am 35 who up till a year ago a limited sexual experiences. I have now met a lover that has opened my eyes to my body and my sexual side. I now realize that I have a large sexual need that he fills. He has taught me so much and I now want to share my sexual experiences with others. My lover and teacher is in a wheelchair and makes me feel like a young girl learning about sex for the first time. I have a new appreciation for myself and for sex. Watch for more stories of the awakening of Brandy.
A Night with My Alter Ego - Couple plays cyber games.
A Night with My Alter Ego II - He ravages her without entering her.
Brandy's First Woman - Girl meets girl by the pool.
My Ego's New Year's Eve - Man, woman, & champagne bottle.
Up, Up & Away - A high-flying, glorious group encounter.

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