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A Birthday Present For Two - They celebrate with menage a trois.
A Good Friend Ch. 1
- Girlfriend stays overnight with lonely Fran.
A Good Friend Ch. 2
- Jen and Fran enjoy each other's company.
British Invasion
- He takes care of Brit cousin while mom's away.
Busted By Daddy
- Father catches daughter with his fiancée.
Daddy's Dream
- Daughter substitutes for deceased mom.
Hubby Cleans Up
- She gets around, but he doesn't mind.
Hubby Cleans Up Pt. II
- She shaves hubby.
Hubby's Reward
- She invites widow neighbor over for a treat.
Lori's Little Secret
- Tom gets the goods on girlfriend's mother.
Pool Boy Pt. I
- Teen hunk brings couple together.
Pool Boy Pt. II
- Hubby makes deal with pool guy.
Pool Boy Pt. III
- The luau continues.
The Good Doctor Pt. I
- Married surgeon falls for transexual patient.
The Good Doctor Pt. II - He introduces Doug to Crystal.
The Kids At Play Pt. I
- Mom discovers her children's secret relationship.
The Kids At Play Pt. II
- Mom confronts son Tommy.
The Kids At Play Pt. III
- Daughter Meagen joins in the fun.
The Kids At Play Pt. IV
- Mom gets intimate with her own brother.
The Kids At Play Pt. V
- Grandparents make shocking confessions.
The Kids At Play Pt. VI - The whole family plays together.
The Ride Home
- Denise & dad's fiancée find a common interest.
The Sex Files
- Guitar-playing son & friends find stunning video.
The Sex Files Pt. II
- Son talks to mom after the gang bang.
The Sex Files Pt. III
- Two moms & two sons entertain each other.
The Shave
- Cindy gets a little help from dad's lover.
The Shave Pt. II
- Daughter's caught with dad's fiancée.
- Daughter's hunky friend gets mom hot.
Tony Pt. III - Mom gets with daughter's hunky friend.
Underwear Bandits Pt. I
- He visits sis... & her panties.
Underwear Bandits Pt. II - He and sis enjoy adult movies together.

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