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Sex: M
Age: 29
Location: USA
ICQ#: none
I'm a MWM, living in the U.S., with a wonderful bi-wife, who enjoys martial arts, B-movies, comic books, cooking, composing electronic dance music, and writing, of course! I'm often described as a "freak" by friends and my wife, and my board name does refer to the size of my penis, yes. I enjoy writing stories based on the ideas posted on the bulletin board, so keep 'em coming! I don't have any photos to add to this, so I'll give a physical description: 5'9'', 150 lbs., short brown hair, blue eyes, lean and trim, built like a kickboxer because...well, I am!
All Dolled Up - She makes up, and he messes her up.
Gym Shower
- He catches wife with lovely redhead.
Jack Meets Jill - Tired man meets lovely lady at The Goblet.
Poolside - Back rub between siblings grows intimate.
Shadows In The Dark - Couples share a cabin, and more.
The Tutor - Sexy redhead teaches the whole family.
What Matt Saw - Matt gets an eyeful of buddy's sexy sister.

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