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Sex: M (that would explain why it's Havocman not Havocgal, eh?)
Age: 33 (05/25/66) no presents required, just send money
Location: USA (Tornado Alley to be exact...woohoo!)
ICQ#: 35832216
I'm a 33 yr. old pervert, husband, and father of 4 (no sperm count problems here) who enjoys nothing more than writing and reading erotic poetry and stories...well okay I do enjoy one thing more I guess (see number of kids above). I work as a Supervisor on a service contract for the US Army Reserve, but am totally a civillian, and no one in the "real world" would ever expect my alter ego here...actually I'm kinda shy, and try to always be a Gentleman like my Daddy taught me.

So, one night I'm surfing the Net, searching for a cool place where I might find some other like minded perverts when, Eureka!, my guardian angel protects me in a wipeout, and I wash up on the shores of Literotica, and my life hasn't been the same since. I had never submitted anything for publication in any medium, but was so inspired by the fine offerings here, that I decided to try some poetry. And I just want to say thanks to everyone that continues to vote for my submissions, it means the world to me to receive that kind of recognition. Would like to try my hand at some stories if I could ever find the time, but until then will continue to submit poetry. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of my poems if you'd like, but I must say up front that I'm not the best penpal...although I do try to answer mail from Literoticans in a timely fashion.

Derby Day - poetry by Havocman AUDIO
Ode to College Beauty on a Warm Spring Day - by Havocman
Oral Exercises - poetry by Havocman
Sweet Sweat Dripping
- poetry by Havocman
Three Facets of Two
- poetry by Havocman
The Taste of Us - poetry by Havocman

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