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Sex: M
Age: 45
Location: London, UK
ICQ#: none

Born 1955, taurean, 5'10" (on a good day), 195 lbs - a bit much I guess, 'cos it ain't all big bones... eating too much since i packed in smoking at new year; have lived in London UK since 1978; married to a dancer since that time, two wonderful sons aged 11 and 14.

Long ago had golden blond ringlets to my shoulders, hence the handle, but now as my then-2-year-old son announced VERY loudly at the school carol service "Daddy your hair fell off your head and went all over your face AND up your nose"; keep the beard trim and I rather like the whitey-grey bits ... not as fit as I should be; glasses or contacts, depending on how late the night before. Without beard, I imagine I look like Van Morrison wishes I were a tenth of the musician he is ... but I'm better company.

Work-life? A journalist and marketer who first got involved in new Media in the late 1970s! Now, I run a small dot com specialising in sports. A mad sports fan - that's British-type sports like soccer and rugby and cricket, not hockey, baseball, basketball yawn!

Addicted to the Literotica bulletin board as my number of postings shows, though I have lately tried to spemd more time reading and listening and less time mouthing off...Been having sex since I was 14 and a bit and it just gets better as I get older!

Nose - poetry by Golden
Zapless - poetry by Golden

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