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Sex: Not nearly enough.... (F)
Age: 26
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
ICQ#: 36454281
I'm a single mom...surprised some of you, right?
I love sex, but as you have read, I don't get enough of it.
I am currently starring in my own porn flick....and NO you can not have a copy of it.
I am involved with two men right now. Or maybe not...I don't know if you can consider it involvement. *sigh*
I have an extreme love for 80's music. When is big hair gonna come back??? And guys with make-up? and those cute ass-cut-out spandex pants ala David Lee Roth? I'm so nostolgic.

Feel free to e-mail me, but I can't promise I'll respond in a timely manner. I'm a bit behind on my correspondence.
Fantasy Come True - She tries a threesome.
Sexgames - She succumbs to slave fantasies.

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